Chef Huang
8638 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria

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  Beef & Lamb

w. White Rice
Beef w. String Bean *

Beef Hunan Style *
Sliced beef sauteed w. broccoli, bambo shoots, straw mushrooms and baby corn in chef's spicy hot sauce

Beef w. Snow Peas
sSliced beef sauteed w. snow peas and water chestnuts

Beef Szechuan Style *
shredded beef sauteed w. celery and carrots in hot tasty brown sauce

Beef w. Green Peppers

Beef w. Hot Garlic Sauce *
Sliced beef sauteed w. veg. in traditional Szechuan sauce

Kung Pao Beef *
Sliced beef sauteed w. water chestnuts, dried red hot peppers and peanuts

Beef w. Black Mushrooms & Snow Peas
Sliced beef sauteed w. snow peas, Chinese black mushrooms and bamboo shoots in rich brown sauce

Sha-Cha Beef *
Shredded beef sauteed w. veg. in a spicy BBQ sauce

Curry Beef *

Beef w. Spring Onion

Beef w. Mixed Veg.

Beef w. Broccoli

Lamb Hunan Style *

Lamb w. Spring Onion

Kung Pao Lamb *

Sha-Cha Lamb *

Curry Lamb *